Everything restaurant owners need to know about social media

Social media is a vital part of running any modern business. Chances are, even if you are not on social media, your customers are constantly tweeting, direct messaging and posting about your restaurant online. Building a strong social media following can significantly increase purchase intent. For a lot of marketers and restaurant owners, social media is on top of their priority list for business development and marketing.




Below are examples of successful social media strategies in the restaurant industry. 


Wendy’s has one of the largest followings for a restaurant with close to 3 million followers on Twitter. Their social media team are known for effective promotion of their new menu items by using the color ‘red’ to its advantage in addition to catchy visuals. In spite of their massive following, they respond to every customer complaint and concern in a timely manner.


Pieology puts a lot of effort into getting their followers engaged on social media. For example, they send their followers a coupon for a free cinnamon stick when they post a picture that uses the #MyPieology. This strategy is especially useful because according to Forrester research, 74% of active coupon users said they would likely try a new brand if they receive a coupon or promotion code. They are also turning followers into brand ambassadors by reposting and sharing the customer’s pictures online when they use their hashtag.

Dig Inn

Dig Inn’s social media strategy proved that high-quality photography is essential to any social media campaign. They use a lot of backgrounds of New York and Boston to bring a cozy and artsy feel to their products. As Dig Inn changes its menu items seasonally, they also incorporate backgrounds that demonstrate these changes in seasons.

Your Social Media

The effort you put into content creation and designing the perfect social campaign will mean little if you don’t have the data to back it up. Now that you know  social media is a potent tool in engaging potential clients and serving as a direct line of communication with prospective customers, how can you bring all these social media strategies to life and manage all these platforms?

Free social display adTenzo is offering a free social module trial where businesses can monitor social reviews across platforms and identify how your individual location is trending over time. It will help restaurant managers promote engaged and happy customers. 

Using software such as Tenzo’s social module will allow restaurants to manage social platforms and load data into one place without having to manually input anything. The Tenzo app is  highly customizable, provides multiple integrations and sales forecasting which can help restaurants generate revenue and increase online social score. By understanding insights, discover how you can improve your social following and implement the correct social media campaign.

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