And that's a wrap! A look back on Tenzo's 2022

2022 has been a year filled with milestones and achievements! We have added many new Tenzonians, nearly doubling our team in only 12 months. This has meant establishing our Enterprise Sales function … and then doubling it, tripling our Marketing team and establishing our US East Coast base in North Carolina.

Our new Tenzonians have allowed us to push for more product features. We have added 10 new integrations - bringing our total to over 70! - to increase the scope of data available in Tenzo, allowing current and future customers access to the best reporting and forecasting out there. Our product highlight is the evolution of Alerts which gives instant notifications when performance can be improved. Giving our customers more autonomy when using Tenzo has also been a key focus throughout the year, from the added billing section to the ability to upload your calendar to our forecasts.

We’ve also had an epic year when it came to partnerships! Not only did we double the partnerships team, we really focused on meeting and getting to know our partners and making sure that we were mutually benefitting from the relationships we’ve built. It’s been awesome to get to know more and more people on our partner’s teams and spend more time with them.

Now let’s jump into what the year looked like for Tenzo!

tenzo 2022

Q1 - Starting the year with lots of new integrations! 🥳

The Tenzo team welcomed Kate and Ellis to the engineering team to help optimise our mobile app and push some very cool features …to be released soon. Mark rejoined Tenzo as our Director of Enterprise Sales, establishing our Enterprise function as Tenzo continues to grow and expand beyond SMB businesses.

Many new integrations marked Q1: Ancon, Harri, Lightspeed R series, Zonal Inventory and Oracle. Tenzo adds value to our partners through integrations by bringing all our customer's data together to get automated reporting and data-backed insights. So, shout out to all our excellent partners that help improve our mutual customer's operations and add to their bottom line. To celebrate all our awesome partners, we started our partner of the month initiative with Integration-ebruary celebrating one of our partners every day in February and then having a spotlit partner every month since.  

Q1 also saw us speak to our friends at Incipio to understand how Tenzo has helped them save thousands of pounds across the year - it’s always so good to hear that Tenzo is making a tangible difference in our customers’ operations.

In Q1 we welcomed Long Meadow Ranch, City Brands Management, Simple Health Kitchen, East London Pub Co, Blindcat, Pirata, Ori Zaba, Farm Girl, La Case a Pizza, and Naan Kabob amongst others to the Tenzo family!

tenzo 2022

Q2 - Tenzo Anniversary! 🤩

Tenzo turned six years old in Q2! This was a massive milestone for our team. It was a trip down memory lane to see how far we have come, from the idea of Tenzo starting in our Co-Founder's basement, coming out stronger after multiple lockdowns, to now having over 1500+ locations. It's been a rollercoaster of a journey - thank you to all our customers for believing in Tenzo and using our product to optimise operations!

tenzo 2022

We had Hannah join our Marketing team, helping our superwoman Lizzie get our marketing initiatives off the ground! On the product side, we added footfall and reservations (Springboard & Sevenrooms) to improve our forecasting and, more importantly, for our customers to understand their sales and plan adequately. That's not all! We added a billing section where our customers can pay for their Tenzo subscription directly through Tenzo to ensure a frictionless experience.

tenzo admin

We spoke to The Vurger Co about how they use Tenzo to reduce waste in their restaurants - a huge goal of ours to help achieve. And with that, also launched our write integrations officially: we can now send Tenzo forecasts and actual sales to a wide array of labour tools to help our customers schedule as efficiently as possible!

In Q2 we welcomed M3 Groupe, Pandox, Holbox, The Exhibit, Sunday In Brooklyn, Noah’s, The Emme Group, and Honey & Co amongst others to the world of Tenzo!  

Q3 - Busy would be an understatement!

We welcomed more team members. Sarah joined our Partnerships teams, joining Sebastian just before he moved back to the East Coast of the US. Crystal became our Customer Success Manager in Malaysia, helping consolidate our relationships with APAC customers. India became our in-house graphic designer as Tenzo strives to become more design-led. Camila also rejoined our People & Operations team after maternity leave.

We began to test our alerts feature on selective customers. Tenzo Alerts lets you receive emails or mobile notifications on your chosen KPIs, so you know when you have

gone above or below a certain threshold that you have set. We understand restaurateurs are always on the go, and more than ever, every penny counts so knowing exactly when something is not quite right means fixing it before it impacts the bottom line!

tenzo alerts

If that wasn't a handful, we had back-to-back trade shows, Casual Dining and Big Hospitality. While a lot of work, these events proved incredibly valuable with lots of insightful conversations: we were able to hear from keynote speakers on staff retention, optimising your delivery data and facilitating customer loyalty, to name a few, as well as catching up with all our awesome partners! We had epic get-togethers with Apicbase, Lightspeed, Deliverect, Vita Mojo, Workforce and more.

tenzo 2022

And in between the madness of doing two trade shows, we had our first-ever offsite in Pembroke College Cambridge, where our Co-Founders met! It was an excellent time for the team to talk and brainstorm about Tenzo's long-term plans and to disconnect and have fun as a team, from punting, treasure hunting and lots of incredible food!

Tenzo 2022










In Q3 we saw Vapiano Australia, Chef’s Collection SA, Rifugio Campogrosso, Doppio Malto, Madmum, The shoulder of Mutton, Life House, Edina Liquor, Fitzgroup, Batch & Box, Providore Fine Foods, KERB and Degani amongst others join the Tenzo fold!

Q4 - Lots of new faces

We welcomed Sam as our Enterprise Implementation Consultant, working alongside Mark, to ensure a smooth onboarding experience so our customers see the benefits of Tenzo from the get-go. Maddie joined as the Team Lead of Customer Success, while Penny is on maternity leave next year. Customer Success also saw the addition of Yamil, consolidating our US base in North Carolina. Fanny became Tenzo's first Product Manager as we accelerated our plans for new features. And finally, Skantaar joined as our Senior Operations Associate to supercharge Tenzo’s own performance and make Tenzo run as efficiently as possible (walking the walk, so to say).

We integrated with the POSs Goodtill and Abacus, helping us expand our integrations compatibility, particularly in Australia and Europe. We can't wait to see what these two new partnerships have in store! We had our final trade show of the year, Restaurant & Bar Tech Live, where order/pay at table proved to be taking over as the hospitality tech trend that’s here to stay!

But that’s not all, Christian was featured on the first episode of Apicbase’s new podcast and we had fab planning sessions with the likes of Twice Baked and Eposibility, some of our amazing consultant partners. We also had a bit of time for introspection as Maria thought about all the ways we show diversity at Tenzo.

In Q4, we’ve added Arcade, Hawaiian Poke Bowl, Crepinos, Tasha’s Group, Kanada Ya, 67 Pall Mall, Kelly Deli, Wolfpack, Poke House and Patis amongst others so far!

Tenzo 2022

2022 will go down in Tenzo history as a turning point, but 2023 might even top it. 2023 is going to bring Tenzo to the next level - we have a lot ... and we mean a lot … of projects already in the pipeline for 2023 that will benefit our customers and partners and lead to supercharged performance for everyone. We can’t wait to continue our mission of supporting restaurateurs into 2023! Get ready - something big is brewing…

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