Announcing Tenzo’s new podcast: In the soup!

That’s right, we’ve started a podcast!

In the soup is a podcast by restaurateurs for restaurateurs. Hosted by former-restaurateur and current Tenzo CEO, Christian Mouysset, every episode will feature a different role in the industry. Focused on the business-side of running F&B enterprises, the podcast takes a deep dive into the nitty-gritty of the grind.

Christian and his guests will discuss the challenges and highlights of working within the restaurant industry. They look back on their careers, examine the business as a whole, and debate what it will look like in the future. Coronavirus’s impact will also be front and centre in these episodes, as the guests analyse the virus’s lasting effects on the industry.

Highly experienced in their field, each guest gives advice and solutions for real-world problems, and divulges the reality of surviving and prospering in the dog-eat-dog world of restaurants.

Our first episode features Eathos CEO, Andy Holman. Christian and Andy discuss the current pandemic’s effect on restaurants and how Covid-19 will affect the future of the industry, as well as Andy’s almost 40-year-long career running F&B operations.

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Elizabeth Norton

Written by Elizabeth Norton