California Fires

For the past couple of weeks, dozens of active fires have spread in California leaving devastating consequences to the region. The main active zones are located in Northern California near the Chico area and also in the southern part of the state between Los Angeles and Ventura. According to the California Fire Department, the Northern California wildfire on its own has burned 140,000 acres and is only 40% contained.

As a company, we want to share our deepest sympathies with the victims of the fires. In our US office located in San Francisco we hear about the fires first-hand from friends and relatives. We personally know people who have lost all possessions and even their lives. In times where people feel helpless, its most important to give where you can.

There are many foundations and organizations receiving donations to offer help to the fire victims and a few are:

For the restaurant industry, the California Restaurant Association has a foundation dedicated to providing emergency assistance to employees in the industry.  This foundation has dedicated special funds for the victims of the fire in terms of food, clothing and temporary jobs. Visit their site for more information.

Our sympathies go out to the victims in the whole state. Please find a way to donate your time, money, food, or clothing to those affected by these disasters.

From all of us at Tenzo, thank you.

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