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This cute girl/guy just agreed to go get dinner with you and you are trying to figure out which trendy restaurant you should take them to impress her/him. Chances are, in this situation most people would go on review sites such as yelp, eat24 or open table to check for reviews. Now upon checking reviews, would you take your date to a restaurant with 3.5 stars or would you take her to the one that is rated 4.5 stars?


According to research, one star of social media rating has been shown to drive 7% of additional revenue. Raising customer satisfaction is essential for any restaurants that wants to stand out in this competitive industry. In Addition to increasing sales, the advantage of data in social media can not only help restaurants compare their social performances on various different social platforms but also help build a stronger customer experience.




How can data help restaurant success?

1. Compare data and understand engagement in social platforms

The twitter and facebook accounts for your business is constantly being bombarded with retweets, shares and likes, and it is becoming increasingly hard to manage. However, by using the correct tools you can turn this data into conversions that will lead to an increase in revenue. Focusing on simple raw data points such as likes, shares, and mentions ultimately makes for meaningless insights. These data points may look good but they won’t help turn your social media into revenue results. This is where tracking lead conversion becomes essential in actually attributing this seemingly meaningless data into actual leads.

2. Help restaurants build stronger customer experience

The goal of data is to allow businesses to understand the “what” and “why” of sales patterns and customer behavior so they can make predictions. These insights allow restaurants to see where they are lacking behind and improve upon the weaknesses they see. Furthermore, they can help businesses learn about target audiences include demographics, age, income levels, food preferences, and other favorite dining spots.


Tenzo’s social module is a tool that can help restaurants gain revenue and improve customer satisfaction. The social module allows the user to manage all their customers’ reviews in one place and on their phone with their mobile application. It also notifies you when action is needed so you can manage your social media reviews in a fast and efficient way.





If your restaurant believes customer satisfaction matters, monitoring your social sites in real time using Tenzo's FREE social trial is recommended. It will allow you to not only drive up your revenue but also ensure the happiness of your customers.

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